Individual Rep Performance Dashboard

The Rep Performance Dashboard report lets you track the performance of individual team members.  It provides you with an easy way to see how a specific person is doing and compare their performance against the team's (or against another person) – an indispensable tool in managing your team and the strengths of its individual members.

You can use the date range setting to specify the relevant timeframe, and the Filters to narrow down the data and select the rep and team (or other rep) you'd like to compare.

Be sure to set the Sales Goals for your team – that way, you'll be able to take advantage of the Quota Attainment Calculation in the Rep Dashboard. Otherwise, you'll see a small message reminding you that it's worthwhile.
The Quota Attainment shows you the rep's progress toward the goal set for a given month, both for the current month and past months (depending on the date range you select).

The Conversion Rates section details the percentage of deals the rep has successfully moved from a particular stage – and how it stacks in comparison to other reps or teams.

The Loss Reasons show you the most common loss reasons given by the rep when they lose a deal.

The Rep Performance Dashboard report is available for all subscribers to our Elite plan. It's available for all users of an account; you can compare data only for the users (and deals) you have access to.