Companies and Employees

There are many occasions when you're in touch with multiple people at a single company, whether it's working on a single deal, or on multiple projects. You don't want to track your notes and touch points across each and every one of those people.

Zendesk Sell comes to the rescue!

Our activity aggregation lets you display all the updates across all of the relevant contacts, companies, and deals.

In essence, this means that any note, task, or appointment you create for an employee, or any email, text message, or call you make to them will also show up for that company (with the option to copy it to any related deal, too). This gives you an overview of all the activities across a company in a single place.

An email or text you send to an employee will automatically show on the company's history – as will the calls you make to the company's employees. 

When adding a note or task to a deal, you'll be able to have it displayed under the related contacts; and when adding a note for a company, you'll be able to have it copied to the company's employee, or to an active deal. 

You can select if a note is going to be visible on the employee's and the company's pages, or on the page of any related deals, too, by using the checkbox at the bottom of the notes field.


DT_Participac_o_es___Zendesk_Sell_2018-10-29_15-47-11.pngBut what if you want to see only the company-related notes in the company's activity feed? It's as simple as using the "related to" filter on the top of the feed.


If you want to go from the company directly to the employee for whom the note was made, you can just click on the employee's name in the note's header. 


When you add a task to an employee, you will have the option to view the task on the company's page – but these tasks are hidden by default.


When you complete a task for an employee, though, it will be displayed in the company's history, as well.

  • Tasks added for the employee will be visible on the company's page.
  • Tasks added for the company will not be visible on the employees' pages.
  • Tasks added to a deal will be visible on the pages of the company and the associated contact (but not those of other employees of the company) 
Note that notes and tasks added to the company will not be propagated to the company's employees.