How do I make calls with Base Voice?

Getting Started

The full Base Voice Integration is available on the Starter, Professional, and Enterprise plans of Base, and every account comes with $1 in free calls.

Click on any phone number and select "Call via Browser" to place a call.

Base will begin to dial the contact's phone number. Your call controls will be visible at the bottom of your screen. The first time you make a call, you'll need to give Base access to your microphone. 

The call controls tell you who you're talking to. If the contact is associated to a deal, this will be noted as well. On the right side of the screen, you have the call length, the dial pad, mute/hold, call tools, end call and the Call List. 

When you select call tools, your call scripts and scratch pad will appear. The call scripts can be preset in the Settings.
Your scratch pad is an area where you can make notes during the call. Once the call is over, the notes from your scratchpad will appear in your call notes.

Note: Call lists and scripts are only available for Admins on the Enterprise plan. You can compare Base plans here.

When the call is complete, you're taken to the call summary screen. Here you can select a call outcome and add notes about the call. Once you're finished, select Log Call to attach the call to the contact, deal or lead.

The call will be saved to the contact card, along with a recording and the specified outcome.