How do I change my account's timezone?

When you create your Zendesk Sell account, the Timezone is automatically set using your location. The Timezone can be changed in the Settings:

    1. In the Settings, click Account on the left side of the screen.
    2. Under the Account settings header you will find the option to change your Timezone.
    3. Once you make your changes click Save.


Q: How can i set multiple time zones on my account?

A: Zendesk Sell provides just the one master time zone for your entire account. This time zone can be set by following this guide, and will apply to all the users on your account. 

All calls, data creation, and editing timestamps will be recorded based on this time zone. That said, Appointments and Tasks will be displayed on a users calendar based on their computer's time zone setting. 

We're exploring adding multiple time zones to Sell in a future update - if you'd like to see this added, share your feedback here on our UserVoice page!

Tip: You can change the date format from MM/DD/YYYY to DD/MM/YYYY by selecting '24 Hour Format' from the time zone options.