Deleting a Contact

Deleting a Contact in Zendesk Sell allows you to clean out bad and irrelevant information to keep your data clean.

When should you delete a Contact?

You want to delete Contacts in Sell when the record has bad data that is unusable. It is recommended not to delete contacts if they are simply no longer a viable prospect for your business because those Contact details or activity history could be relevant to you in the future.

If you do want to delete a Contact, here is how you can do that:

Deleting an individual Contact:

    1. Go to the Contact you want to delete
    2. Click 'Edit'
    3. Once on the Edit screen, 'Delete this Contact' in Red on the bottom left


Deleting Contacts in bulk

    1. Go to your Contact List
    2. Use the Filters function to narrow down the Contacts you want to delete
    3. Use the checkbox to indicate which you want to delete
    4. Then click the Delete button



Note: Contacts that are associated with a Deal in Sell can not be deleted. You will need to first delete the Deals to then delete the Contacts.