How do I Export a Smart List

Once you've tweaked your Smart List to your liking, you can generate an export! 

Note that by default, you will need to be an Admin on your Base account in order to generate an export from your Smart Lists.

Clicking the Export button will begin generating your export. You'll get a notification within Base as soon as we've bundled your data up for you. If you have email notifications turned on, you'll also receive an email as soon as the export is generated! 

Click the link in the notification within Base, or within the email you receive, and your export download will begin! You can also head over to your Account Settings to download any Smart List export that you've generated from the past 30 days. 


If you are not an Admin on your Base account, your Base administrator can turn on export functionality for you and all other non-admins from the Export options page in their account.