Voice Pricing

When you create a Zendesk Sell account, we give you $1 in Voice credit to give the feature a try. This will be good for about 50 minutes of talk time in the US – the exact time will vary depending on where you call. You can review the call rates in the chart below.
Voice offers call rates at-cost based on the rates that Twilio, our service provider, charges. After you’ve used the $1 of credit, Voice is available on the Starter, Professional, and Enterprise plans.
All billing is pre-paid and will be added to your monthly invoice. Only Account owners are able to recharge the voice account with funds. If you run out of funds mid-call we will continue the call and deduct the appropriate charges next time you refill your account.

Keep in Mind:

  • Sell uses Twilio as our provider
  • Calls are charged per minute, rounded up to the nearest minute
  • Incoming callers will be charged their normal rates
Voice is a service that enables click-to-call functionality within Sell. Calls are charged on a per minute basis and rates will vary based on the number being called. Call rates are listed below. Each user who uses Voice will have a dedicated phone number which can be used to both place and receive calls.  The cost for the dedicated number is covered with your paid Zendesk Sell subscription.  The usage costs vary by the country you're calling and where you're calling from., The table below contains voice pricing for US calling.


Voice Pricing for United States

United States Local Calling Numbers Connect with Local Numbers
$1.00 $0.0085 $0.013
per month per minute to receive per minute to make calls


Voice Pricing for Global Calling 

Call rates will vary based on where you're calling. To view pricing for all service areas, click on the following link. Prices for Voice charges can be found on this Twilio page. We pass their pricing directly on through your account with no markup. 

Numbers for some countries are not eligible for for incoming calls.
Rates may differ for some service providers. The table provides the lowest available rate.
Detailed pricing for each country is available on the linked page.
Call Transfer Pricing

When you are using a transfer number, you are charged for each leg of the call. The first leg would be the connection between your phone and Sell. The second leg would be Sell to your customer. The listed call rates are per leg. For example, if you are making a call in the United States via call transfer, you'd be charged ~2 cents per minute (~1 cent per leg).
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