Credit and pricing in your Sell Voice account

all Sell plans

When you sign up for a free trial of Sell Voice, you’ll automatically receive $1 Voice credit, equivalent to around 50 minutes of talk time. If you run out of funds during a call, the call continues and the appropriate charges are deducted when you top up your credit.

You need admin rights, and a credit card registered on your Sell account, to add more call credit to continue texting, and making and receiving calls through Voice. This feature is not available on the Sell Team Plan.

To add credit to your account

  1. Go to Settings > Voice and Text.
  2. In the Logs and Billing tab, enter the sum you would like to add in Recharge amount, and click Add credit now.
  3. You can also choose to automatically top up your account when funds are low.  The sum you specify in the Recharge amount field is then billed each time. Check Auto recharge to enable this option.
  4. Click Save.


Voice pricing

Sell Voice offers calls based on the rates provided by our service provider, Twilio. All billing is prepaid and is added to your monthly invoice from Zendesk Sell or can be auto-deducted from your credit card. You must be an admin to recharge a voice account. 

Note: Calls are charged per minute, rounded up to the nearest minute. Incoming callers are charged their normal rates.

The cost for the dedicated Sell number is covered with your Sell subscription. Usage costs vary depending on the country you are calling to and calling from. Call rates are available from Twilio.

Call transfer pricing

When you are using a transfer number, you are charged for each leg of the call. The first leg is the connection between your phone and Sell. The second leg would be Sell to your customer. The listed call rates are per leg.

SMS pricing

Text Message (SMS) rates and availability may vary depending on your country. Click here for more information on pricing.

Note: You must have at least the equivalent of $0.50 voice credit to send text messages through Sell.