Sales Funnel Report

Sales reporting with Zendesk Sell gives you a quick way to know what's going on in your business. The Sales Funnel Report can help you identify strengths and weaknesses in your sales pipeline over the course of a given timeframe.

The Funnel Report can be filtered by date range, team member or tag. 

Pro Tip: The Funnel Report will only show you Deals based on their creation Date. For example, if you have your filter set to view Deals in October 2015, only Deals created in October will show in your report.


The main view in this report is based on Deal creation date. In the screenshot above, you'll see that 28 Deals were created in the Prospecting Stage between March 23rd, 2015 and June 23rd, 2015. Of those Deals, 16 made it to the following stage, for a conversion rate of 51.1%. The Deals continue to waterfall down until the Won Stage, providing an overall win rate of 33.3% for all of the Deals created between March 23rd and June 23rd.

You'll also see exactly where Deals are being lost in your Pipeline. In the screenshot above, you'll see that 3 Deals were moved to Lost directly from the Prospecting Stage. Wondering why? The Loss Reasons by Owner report can shed some light.


Ever wondered exactly which Deals comprised your Funnel Report? If you'd like to see exactly which Deals account for the numbers displayed, just flip the Funnel Report into chart view! 

This view will show you the progression of Deals through various stages in more detail. You'll also be able to click on a stage name to see exactly which Deals comprise the numbers show - if you wish, you can even click on the Deal itself to be taken right to it! 


The Funnel Report can also be flipped to show you Deal progression starting all the way back from your Leads. You can see this view by clicking on the "Leads" button at the top of the Funnel Report. 


Similar to Deals, this will pull Leads based on their creation date. In the example above, 75 Leads were created between January 5th, 2015 and April 5th, 2015. Of those, 21 moved on to Working status, and so on until they were converted to Deals in your Pipeline. This can be a great way to see just how many of your Leads end up resulting in sales for your team. You can also flip this into a chart view, exactly like Deals. 

Pro Tip: When looking at the conversion rates for Deals that started as Leads, the timeframe will be based on the Lead's creation date, not on the Deal's added on/created date. 

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