Dashboard Overview

The Dashboard is the very first thing you'll see when logging-in to your Zendesk Sell account. Get a quick summary of most recent account activity, a snapshot of your sales pipeline and key deals, and items that need your attention!



Along the Left

Pipeline summary - the total value of your deals, how many deals you have in your pipeline, your closed deals divided into categories.

Depending on your account's permission settings, you may be able to filter this summary by a few different criteria. 

Forecasted Sales on the Dashboard is calculated by taking the sum of the deal value multiplied by the win likelihood (set by you) of each of your deals with an estimated close date in the future.






If you have User Level permissions, you'll see Goals just for your own Deals.

Manager Level permissions will allow you to choose to see all of the Deals you have visibility into, along with your own.

The Enterprise Level permissions tree will allow you to filter by your Team, as well as your own Deals and all those that you have visibility into.

Read more on permission settings here. 



Activity Feed - The center column displays a summary of the activity in the account. Every time one of the following things is done, you will see a notification about it in this section - Notes, Calls, Completed Tasks, Appointments/Visits, Collaborators, Leads, Contacts and Deals

The activity feed can also be filtered by Owners



Along the Right 

Account Setup Progress - If your account has not been completely set-up, you will see this as the first box. This section will guide you with steps to complete your account set-up 

Tasks - a list of upcoming and overdue tasks 

Upcoming Appointments - List of upcoming appointments by most recent