What's on my dashboard?

Your dashboard gives you a quick overview of activity within your Base account. 

On the left is your pipeline summary - the total value of your deals, how many deals you have in your pipeline, your closed deals divided into categories, and team deal load

Depending on your account's permission settings, you may be able to filter this summary by a few different criteria. 

If you have User Level permissions, you'll see insights just for your own Deals.

Manager Level permissions will allow you to choose to see all of the Deals you have visibility into, along with your own.

The Enterprise Level permissions tree will allow you to filter by your Team, as well as your own Deals and all those that you have visibility into.

Read more on permission settings here. 

​The center column displays a summary of the activity in the account, and can be filtered by NotesCompleted Tasks, and Deals. Every time somebody adds a new deal, contact, note, task, or changes the status or stage of a Lead or Deal respectively, you will be informed about it right here. 

You can see the list of your upcoming and overdue Tasks on the right side of the screen. 

The lower right portion Dashboard lists your Top Deals with their value and associated contacts, along with upcoming Appointments.