How to setup Base Google Apps Gadget Integration?

Note: Please note we are moving away from the Google Apps Gadget and no longer provide support for this integration.

Base Google Apps Gadget is a tool that allows inputting data into Base without leaving Gmail account. 

How it works

If you're sending or receiving an email from a contact that you don't have in Base yet, you can add the contact straight from Gmail.  

After you've added the contact, a Contact Card will be created in Base. Now you can also add a Deal, Task or Note inside of Gmail.



In order to add the Base Google Apps Gadget, you'll need to be a Google Apps account administrator (or contact one from your company).

First, go to the Base CRM Google Apps Marketplace page.  Make sure that you're signed in to your Google Apps account.

Next, click the "Instal App" button:



The Google Apps account administrator will need to enable the app for your domain, and select the relevant users who will be using it.


Next, ensure that your Base account administrator has enabled the Google Apps Gadget in Base.
You can check this via SETTINGS → INTEGRATIONS:

Finally, click the text in the Gmail gadget (not the logo) to fully enable the gadget.  

Now you'll be able to easily add emails to base, pull up contact cards, and add deals, tasks and notes directly from Gmail!

Note: If the above installation is not working correctly an additional step may be required. Going to the admin panel, selecting Market Place Applications, selecting Base CRM, selecting settings and clicking on the Additional Setup Link should then do the trick!


How to uninstall the Google Gadget

To uninstall the Google Gadget, start by opening your Google Apps Admin Console. 

1. Once you're there, click on Apps.

2. Select Marketplace Apps from the next screen in order to bring up Base. 

3. From here, you can click on Base, then click on the Trash Can to delete Base. You're all set!