How do I integrate my Email with Zendesk Sell?

Save major time going back and forth between Sell and your email client by integrating your Email in Sell! Track email communication with Leads and Contacts to pull Reports or get insight into when emails you send are first viewed.


How Does Zendesk Sell Track Email Communication?

All emails in your inbox will be scanned and pulled to Sell when you integrate your email. Any time you send or receive emails from a Sell Lead or Contact, whether you are working in Sell or your own email client, Sell will attach a copy of the communication to their record. If you have emails in your inbox that do not have corresponding email addresses with a Lead or Contact in Sell, you can find these emails under the Untracked Emails tab located within the communication center. Setting up your email integration is a quick one time process, and can be completed by following these steps:


Email Integration Setup

  1. Navigate to your Settings menu
  2. Select Email



If you're integrating a Gmail Account:

  1. Select Sign in with Google
  2. Select Allow to grant Zendesk Sell permission to "Have offline access"
  3. That's it! The sync process will begin and the last 5,000 emails in your inbox will sync to Sell


If you're integrating with another email provider:

  1. Enter your email address and password
  2. Select Connect
Note: If you have an Exchange server or email under your own domain, you will be prompted to enter your SMTP Server, SMTP Port, IMAP Server, and IMAP Port settings. All of these fields are required to continue so that Sell can properly connect to your email server.
Note: If you are using multi-factor authentication in Office 365, you will need to set up an app-specific password to use with Zendesk Sell.

Once you click connect we will auto-detect your email settings.  If we need additional information to complete the process, you will see a box appear asking for the SMTP Server, SMTP Port, IMAP Server, and IMAP Port.  All of these fields are required to continue.


Traditionally, this information takes the following form:

  Server Name Port Encryption Method

If you're unsure of this information, check with your email service provider to confirm. It's crucial to note that your email servers must have a valid, third-party SSL certificate installed (or TLS). Sell requires this to preserve the security of your data, and we will not be able to connect to your email server via unsecured servers or ports.

Note: Depending on the size of your Inbox, the initial sync with Sell may take some time. You'll receive an email notification once your inbox sync completes. The initial sync will pull in 1500 emails from every folder that you have in your mailbox (Inbox, Sent, Archived and other default and custom folders).

In case of issues with integrating your email, check our article: Troubleshooting Guide: Email Integration Setup Errors

Check out some of the great things you can do now that you have your email connected:


Still stuck? Check out this helpful video walkthrough on how to integrate your email: