Google Tasks/Calendar Integration

When you connect your Zendesk Sell account with your Google Tasks, Sell will automatically create a Sell calendar in your Google account and push all your tasks for deals and contacts.

After you set up the Google Calendar sync, your Sell tasks will sync with Google every 15 minutes.  

To get started, go to Settings, then to the Integration section, and click the Enable button next to "Google."


Once you click it, you will see a screen explaining how the integration works. Click Integrate Zendesk Sell with Google: 


You will be asked to authorize Sell access to Google Calendar. If you would like to revoke this authorization and remove Sell from your authorized services list you can always do that here.

Next, you will be able to choose the services you want to synchronize. Choose "Sync my Zendesk Sell tasks with Google" to enable tasks synchronization. On this screen you can also choose to integrate with Google Contacts.



1. You will see a new calendar called Zendesk Sell in your Google Calendar. You'll find tasks added to Sell there.

2. We will only synchronize tasks for contacts and deals (floating tasks will not be synchronized).

3. In your Google calendar you'll be able to see all (non-floating) tasks you create in Sell, as well as changes you make to them.

4. We will never delete anything from your Google calendar, so if you delete a task in Sell it will not be deleted from the Sell CRM calendar in Google.

5. You're able to edit your tasks from your Google calendar, but when you create a task in Google it will not be synchronized with your Sell account. If you delete a task in Google, it will be deleted from Sell.

You can always change your sync setting under your account's Settings, in the Integration section.

Note: You might receive a warning from Google about suspicious activity on your account when enabling this integration. 

Google Task synchronization occurs every 10-15 minutes.