Sales Forecasting in Base

Sales Forecasting is available on our Professional and Enterprise Plans. To compare our plans, click here.

Sales Forecasting is a great way to predict expected revenues and can help you pinpoint which deals you should be focusing on.

The simplest way to get started using forecasting is to go to a deal page. In the left column, you can see basic forecasts related to the deal: 


You can specify the estimated close date by clicking the "edit" icon, which shows up when you mouse over the field, and picking a date from the calendar.

You can also change the win likelihood by clicking the "edit" icon for that line.

As you can see in the example, there is a 45% change of winning, which is based on the stage win likelihood. You can specify your own likelihood for each stage in the settings screen under Deals --> Pipeline Stages.

On your dashboard, you can view your total forecasted pipeline worth. This figure is a summation of the forecasted worth of all active deals.​

Setting Win Likelihood Percentage

To change the win likelihood percentage of a sales stage go to Settings and click on Deals. Under the Pipeline Stages tab, you'll notice win likelihood percentages, which you are able to specify for each stage.



Keep in mind - once you change the win likelihood for the deal manually, it will not be automatically changed based on stage settings, so you'll need to update it yourself.


Forecasting Reports

With this feature, we're also introducing two new reports, Forecasted Sales and Forecasted Sales By Source.



The Forecasted Sales Report gives insight into what your expected sales are and how they compare to actual sales. The date filter on the Report gives you the ability to view predicted sales in specific time frame between the moment you joined Base and your latest forecasted deal.



Forecasted Sales by Source allow you to see the expected and actual sales grouped by the source. This is a useful tool to use when you want to see what your best lead sources are.