How does the Google Contact Sync work?

From time to time we get different questions about how the Google Contact sync works. Below we've outlined some of the most frequently asked questions. 

How often does the sync occur?
The Google sync occurs every 30-60 minutes.

If I add or update a contact to Google, will that contact be added to my Base account?
Yes, if you add a contact in Google to the Base CRM contact group, it will be synced to your Base account.

If I delete a contact in Google will it be deleted in Base?
No, changes done in Google will not be carried back to Base. 

If I add a contact to Base, will it be added to my Google Contacts?
Yes, if you add a contact to Base from Google, it will appear in the Base CRM Google Contact group.

If I update or delete a contact in Base, will it be deleted in my Google Contacts?
No, Base will never delete any of your Google contacts as the integration does not ask for "rewrite" permissions from Google. This also means that if a contact is modified in Base these modifications will not extend to Google Contacts.

I added the Google Contact sync, but then I deleted all of my contacts in Base, how can I trigger that "initial" sync again so all of my Google Contacts are pulled into Base?
After the initial sync with Google, Base will only pull in new contacts that you add to Google. When a contact is deleted in Base, we don't continue to add it to your account (this would get frustrating). If we did this, you'd delete a contact and it would show up in Base 15 minutes later. One downside of this is that if you delete all of the Base contacts, they won't be pulled back in from Google. If your Base account is new, we recommend canceling the account and re-opening it to reset the sync. If you already have an active Base account, please email the support team for assistance.

Do the Base tags/Google contact group names sync?
No, when a contact is added from Google, its automatically tagged with the Google Contact group it came from. This is a one time assignment. If the contact is moved to a different group, the tag will not be renamed to reflect the new group. The tags are simply to help you identify which group they came from in the first place and to help you quickly filter your contacts.

Do Companies in Base sync to Google?
No, only Base contacts are synced to Google. The individual company cards are not synced to Google as Google only supports individual Contact Cards.