Use JotForm to Collect Leads for Zendesk Sell

If you collect form submissions through Jotform and have ever wanted to take those submissions and send them to Zendesk Sell to create leads, you can now do that with the help of Zapier.

To get started you’ll need:

Create JotForm Trigger

First, you'll want to start creating a zap that automatically takes new Jotform form submissions and uses that data to create leads in Zendesk Sell. Click the “Connect JotForm + Zendesk Sell” button here to get started. You'll first be reminded to set up your Jotform form, so go ahead and do that if you haven't already.


JotForm Triggers

You'll select the JotForm trigger for a New Submission. Click "Save + Continue".



From the 'Choose Account' step, you'll need to connect your JotForm account by clicking the gray "Connect an Account" button.


Next, you'll have to allow Zapier to access your JotForm account by filling answering the 2 prompts below.


Choose JotForm Account

Then, you’ll need to connect your JotForm account. After clicking on “Yes, Continue”, you’ll be asked for your JotForm credentials to authorize the connection.


In the 'Edit Options' step, you'll be asked to select your JotForm.


Create Sell Action

You can select from the following Action options below.  You can create new information in Sell, or search for existing information to update.  Click the blue "Show less common options" link to see more action options than already listed.

In our example here, select the "Create Lead" action.




Connect Zendesk Sell Account

The next step is to connect your Zendesk Sell account. You may not be prompted to complete this step if you have created a Zap before.  If this is your first Zap, click 'Choose Account' and follow the steps below!  If you have not read the general Zapier article which includes how to connect your Zendesk Sell account, you can do that now.

1. Select to 'Connect an Account'


2. Enter in your account information 

sell_log_in_api_.pngOnce an account has been linked, select it and click “Save + Continue.”


Set up Zendesk Sell Lead

Click on the 'Edit Template' step for your Zendesk Sell Actions.  You will be asked to set up your Sell Lead and choose the JotForm information you would like Zapier to push Zendesk Sell. Click on the drop-down menu next to each field to map your data. 

More on that process here. When completed, click “Continue.” 


After that, we’ll turn your zap on and you'll have the chance to test it out with submissions from your Jotform form. From here on out, information from new Jotform form submissions will end up as leads in your Zendesk Sell account.