How to Use Automated Actions?

You can create Automated Actions to streamline your workflow in Base. Are there tasks you would like to create every time you add a contact? Do you want to assign new tasks to your team when a deal moves stages? Do you want to update a custom field every time you create a new deal? This is all possible with Automated Actions.  

Please note, the Automated Actions feature is only available for Manager-level users who are Admins for the account. 

Getting Started

To create your first Automated Action go to Settings and select Automated Actions.

Once you click it, you'll see a welcome screen with the button "Build your first action"

When you click the button, you will start building a new Automated Action.

In the first step you will select when the action should take place. Currently you have three options:

    • When a new deal is created


    • When a deal is moved to a different stage. Here you have the option to select whether the action happens only on specific stages. If you do not select a specific stage, the action will be triggered when a deal is moved to any stage. 


  • When a new contact is created. You can choose whether you want the action only for people or companies. If you do not select one of these options the action will occur with every new contact. 

In the second step, you define what should happen.

When you select New Contact is Created, New Deal is Created, or Deal Stage Move you can define what task should be created when the action occurs. Currently you can specify:

    • The name of the task


    • Who the task should be assigned to. You can either pick from other users or specify the owner of the deal/contact that the task will be added to.


  • Whether the task has a due date. If you do this, you can specify the due date relative to the when the deal or contact is created

You can add additional tasks to the action by clicking the + Create Task button in the top grey area.

When you select New Deal is Created as your event trigger, you have the additional option of updating a custom field with a predefined value. To use this option, select + Update Custom Field. You can update multiple custom fields at once, just click + Update Custom Field for as many updates that you need for this action.

Next, enter your custom field name exactly as it appears in your deal custom field settings. You may use this Automated Action for the following types of custom fields: single-line text, paragraph text, and URL.

Enter the value for your custom field.

When you're finished, click "Activate Automated Action."

After you create an Automated Action, you will see it presented as a sentence, so it's easier to understand what will be happening. You can add as many actions as you want to streamline your sales tracking.

Note: Automated actions are only avaliable to users on the Professional and Enterprise Plans.

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