How Can I Use Email Templates on Android?

Email templates are a great way to quickly send out personalized updates to your customer on the go.

When you compose an email to a Lead, Contact, or Deal from within the Base app, you’ll see a few icons arrayed around the screen.

The first will allow you to create, save, and use templates when sending out emails.


If you’ve written an email out, tapping this button will allow you to save this email as a template for re-use in the future!


Once you’ve saved a few templates, you’ll also be able to insert one from here as well. Note that inserting a template will automatically delete any text you’ve already entered into the email window.

The curly brackets icon stores your merge tags. They contain information unique to each lead or contact (such as their name) that Base will automatically insert in the email when you click send.


You can select any of the default options, such as Title, Company name, or your own email address, name, etc.


And more importantly, you can define custom fields that will be treated in exactly the same way – letting you put in any information you need, whether it's the rate of commission you agreed on with that contact, or the name and age of their pet.

If you’re looking to punch up your emails with some fancy formatting, you can do so with the rich text icons above the keyboard!