How do I add users to Base?


You’re growing and ready to add another user to your account ! Following article will walk you through the process of adding new user.

Adding a user to your account is a simple two-step process. You’ll first want to add a seat (license) to your subscription, then create the user in your account.

NOTE: You'll need to be an Admin to add or remove seats.


Adding a Seat:

  1. Navigate to the Settings > Plans and Pricing section
  2. Select Add Seats


  1. Enter the number of additional seats that you would like to add to your account
  2. Select Buy Seat

Adding a User:

Now that you’ve added a seat, you’ll be able to create a new user in your account. You'll first want to determine the role of your new user - Manager or User. See the definitions of each role here.


  1. Navigate to the Settings Manage Users section
  2. Click the + New User icon located next to the role you would like the new user to have - Manager or User


On the proceeding pop up screen, enter the following details:

  • Full Name - this is how the user's name will be displayed in Base
  • Email - this is the address where the user's invitation will be sent, and the address used for logging into Base after a password has been created.
  • Role - select from available roles. See the definitions of each role here.
  • Select whether or not you'd like this user to have Administrative privileges. To learn more about Administrative privileges, click here.
  • Contact access - you must select whether you'd like the new user to access all contacts in the account, or only their own contacts.



NOTE: You will receive an invoice for the prorated cost of the additional seat.