How do I invite users to Base?

 Congrats! You’re growing and ready to add another user to your account and sell more with Base! 


Adding a user to your account is a simple two-step process. You’ll first want to add a seat (license) to your subscription, then create the user in your account.

NOTE: You'll need to be an Admin to add or remove seats.


To Add a Seat:

  1. Navigate to the Settings menu
  2. Select Plans and Pricing
  3. Select Add Seats

  1. Enter the number of additional seats that you would like to add to your account
  2. Select Buy Seat

To Add a User:

Now that you’ve added a seat, you’ll be able to create a new user in your account. You'll first want to determine the role of your new user - Manager or User. See the definitions of each role here.

  1. Navigate to the Settings Menu
  2. Select Manage Users
  3. Click the + icon located next to the role you would like the new user to have - Manager or User
  4. Select Add New Manager or Add New User
  5. On the proceeding pop up screen, enter the following details:
  • Full Name - this is how the user's name will be displayed in Base
  • Email - this is the address where the user's invitation will be sent, and the address used for logging into Base after a password has been created.
  • Select whether or not you'd like this user to have Administrative privileges. To learn more about Administrative privileges,  click here.
  • Contact access - you must select whether you'd like the new user to access all contacts in the account, or only their own contacts.


NOTE: You will receive an invoice for the prorated cost of the additional seat.