Adding a collaborator to work with a contact, lead, or deal

A collaborator is a colleague or other Sell user that you can add as a secondary owner of any lead, contact, or deal.  The collaborator is notified when certain actions take place on those records. 
Note: You can only be added as a collaborator to a lead, contact, or deal if you have permission to view that record.  If you can't be added as a collaborator, contact your administrator to update your permissions.
This article contains the following sections:

Adding a collaborator

You can manage who can collaborate on your lead, contact, or deal using the Collaborators field directly from the lead, contact, or deal page.

Add a collaborator
  1. In your lead, contact, or deal page, click the + icon in the Collaborators field.
  2. Start typing a name.  You'll see a list of possible matches.
    Note: The ability to add a Collaborator to a record depends on the permissions defined for that user. If you are unable to add a given user as a collaborator, contact your administrator to request the correct access for that user.
  3. Click the name of the person you want to add as a collaborator.Carlos_Williams___Zendesk_Sell_2018-10-29_12-37-04.png
  4. The new collaborator is informed by email, and is notified each time a change is made to the record.

Becoming a collaborator

If you'd like to become a collaborator on a contact, lead, or deal, you have two options, depending on your plan.

On any plan:

  • In the lead, contact, or deal page you want to collaborate on, click Become a Collaborator,  under the Collaborators field. The lead, contact, or deal owner is notified and they have the option to approve or deny your request.

On Enterprise and Elite plans:

  • Depending on your access rights, you'll see the option to Become a Collaborator.  This won't require any further approval from the record owner.

You can also filter leads, contacts, and deals by using the Collaborators filter, available in the filters column.