How Do I Collaborate with My Team?

What are Collaborators in Zendesk Sell? 
Collaborators are your colleagues or other Sell users who can be added to be notified of certain actions on Leads/Contacts/Deals, act as a 'secondary owner' of any cards. You're essentially another layer of ownership on the cards to enable personalized notification set-up, reporting purposes and/or for email syncing purposes. 
With the release of our notifications center, you can select to be notified about updates to deals, contacts, or leads you collaborate on.

You can manage who can collaborate on your Deal (as well as Contact or Lead) using the Collaborators box in the right-hand column of the screen.

Adding collaborators is extremely easy – just click the grey + icon in the box, and start typing a name.

Your new collaborator will be informed by email. 
And if you'd like to join the list of collaborators on a Deal (or Contact, or Lead) that you're not the owner of, just click the Become to Collaborate button visible under the Collaborators list. The owner will then have the option to approve or deny your request.

If you have Full Data Access enabled under your Manage User Settings on Sell's Enterprise Plan, you'll see the option to Become a Collaborator – this won't require any further approval from the deal's (or contact's, or lead's) owner.


Aside from giving you a way to quickly check who works on a given project, you can also filter Contacts, Deals, or Leads by using the Collaborators filter, available in the filters column.

Note: You can only be added as a Collaborator to a Lead, Contact, or Deal if you have permission to view that record.  If you cannot be added as a Collaborator, please reach out to your Admin and check your permission settings first!