MailChimp integration

The MailChimp Integration is available with the Professional Plan and up. To compare our plans, click here.

In order to use the MailChimp integration, you'll need a MailChimp account. You can get a free account by clicking here.

NOTE: An Admin on the account will need to enable the MailChimp Integration

When you enable the MailChimp integration, you'll be able to subscribe contacts from your Zendesk Sell contact list to one of your MailChimp mailing lists. To get started: 

1. Open the Zendesk Sell Settings. You can find this by clicking on your name in the top right corner.

2. Click Integrations on the left side of the screen and Enable the MailChimp integration.

3. You'll be asked for your API key. This can be obtained from your MailChimp account. Once you're logged in to MailChimp, click your account name and select Account Settings. In the Extras section, select the API Keys option.

4. Click Add a Key to generate an API.

5. Copy the MailChimp API key and enter it into the Zendesk Sell integrations page. Click Save.


6. Now, when you select contacts on the contact page, you will notice you have a MailChimp option right above the main Contacts area (a menu appears when selecting Contact/s).


7. When you click on the MailChimp button, you are presented with the option to Add or Remove these contacts from a mailing list. Once you do this, you're asked which mailing list you'd like to modify.


8. Your MailChimp list will automatically be updated with your Zendesk Sell contacts.