Xero Integration

Zendesk Sell offers an integration with Xero, the online account system. Start creating Xero Invoices directly from your Deals in Sell - available with our Enterprise and Elite Plans. 

To enable the integration, go to Settings > Integration > Click on "Enable" under the Xero integration option. Please note, you will have to be an admin to set up the integration.


You will be then redirected to Xero, where you'll be asked to provide your login and password in order to integrate your Xero account with Sell.


After logging in, you'll see the authorization screen. Click Allow access.

After a moment, you'll be redirected to Sell. Xero will now show Sell CRM as a connected App under your Xero Settings:


After you win a deal, which is then moved to the Won portion of Closed Deals, you'll see an option to Create an Invoice on the very top of this Deal's card.


Clicking Create Invoice will display a popup window where you can specify the invoice details.


And that's all there is to it – your invoice is now visible in your Xero account!