How to collaborate in the Client Space

After you create a deal, you can add a personalized Client Space. The Client Space is a great way to collaborate with others on a deal and keep all of your communications and files in one place.

Setting Up Client Space

You must be an Admin to set up the Client Space. To get started click on the Client Space tab at the top of the deal's activity feed. If you would like to create a client space for this deal, click "Save changes".

Client.pngYou can also access the Client Space setup from your Settings page



You can view a short introduction video to guide you through the process of setting up and using the Client Space (you can also find it at the end of this article). You will only need to set up your Client Space once. Upload your company's logo to brand the page and fill in the company details. You also have the ability to upload files for your customers. Files uploaded here are general files like an overview brochure. Please remember that any files uploaded here are available to every customer you invite to a client space. Once you have gotten everything filled in press "Save."



After you save, you can view a preview of your Client Space (item 1). This is what your customers will see when they are invited. If you'd like to make additional changes to your Client Space, click item 2. If you are happy with the space you've set up, click option 3 to go back to your deal and invite your client.



Invite your contacts

After you return to the deal, you can invite contacts to the Client Space. They will receive an email invitation asking them to create a password. Each Client Space you create is only accessible to the people you invite and is password protected.

You can only invite contacts to a Client Space if they have an email address in their contact card.



After a contact is invited you can send them a message straight from the deal page by clicking on the "Add comment" button. You will also see any responses here and receive an email when the client space is updated.


A few things to remember:

    • After the initial setup of Client Space you will be able to quickly invite contacts from the respective deal page. 
    • Each Client Space is separate. A contact invited to one deal's client space will not be able to see another deal's client space.