Why can't I add a collaborator to a Lead, Contact or Deal?

Base permits account administrators to set up users with one of three different types of permission settings, administrator, manager or user. These accounts determine the amount of access the user being created has to integrations, account management and data access. Currently the Base user permission settings for data are as follows:

Administrators and Managers: Administrators and Managers have permission to see all user data on the account, including the data owned by all Administrators, Mangers and Users.  

Users: Users are only able to see data belonging to themselves and/or other users. They are not able to see data belonging to Administrators or Managers. 

In this instance if you are unable to add someone as a collaborator to a Lead, Contact or Deal it's likely because you are an Administrator or Manager while the user has a User account and as such is unable to see your data. In order to allow the user to collaborate on the Lead, Contact or Deal you will need to do one of the following:

  • Make them the owner of the Lead, Contact or Deal and add yourself as a collaborator- This will permit the User to see and edit the Contact, Lead or Deal without needing to adjust their permission settings. This can be done by going to the Lead, Contact or Deal page, selecting the Lead, Contact or Deal to bring up the card, clicking 'Edit' and selecting the new owner of the Lead, Contact or Deal. 



  • Make them an Administrator or Manager and then adding them as a collaborator - Upgrading the user from a User to a Manager or Administrator will permit the user to access the Contact, Lead or Deal. This can be done by going to Settings>Manage Users, selecting the user from the list and changing their role. 




Once this user has given permission to access this Lead, Contact or Deal you should then be able to add then as a collaborator to work with you on this sale.


Note: Making a user an Administrator or Manager means they will also have access to all Leads, Contacts and Deals belonging to Administrators