Email view notifications

Email view notifications will help to provide greater insights into who has viewed your email.

Imagine being able to call a prospect at the exact moment she is reading your email. These custom notifications add even more firepower to your sales email arsenal.

Creating View Notifications

Email view notifications can be customized so you’re only alerted about the conversations that matter most to you. The notifications are created in Settings. Navigate to the Notifications options and select Personalized Notifications. Setup a new personalized notification and specify which Leads, Contacts or Deals you want to be notified about. A few examples are “deals greater than 20k” or “contacts I own.” After you segment out which Leads, Contacts or Deals you want to be notified about, just select the trigger “when email is first viewed,” and you’re ready to go!



View and Click Tracking

Every email that is sent through Zendesk Sell will automatically track whether the email has been viewed and if the links have been clicked. Whenever you’re looking at an email in Sell, you can see these stats in the top right corner of the email. If you’re looking for even more power when it comes to email, don’t forget you can also send email quickly from Sell with email templates