How do I filter and sort Contacts and Leads using my custom fields?

Using custom fields to filter and sort your data is a great way to segment your Contacts and Leads by information specific to your business.

Filtering by custom fields

To begin filtering by a custom field you've created, you'll need to enable the filtering option through your custom field settings. Each custom field you would like to use as a filter must be enabled individually.

Click here for your Leads settings.
Click here for your Contacts settings.

Next, identify which fields you'd like to filter by.

Important note: the following types of custom fields cannot be used as filters - checkbox, paragraph text, email, address, phone number, URL.

Click Edit to display your options for the custom field.

Check the Filterable option, and click Save.

Your field will now appear in the sidebar of your Contacts or Leads list alongside your other filtering options. When you expand the filter, you'll see a list of the values you've input for that when creating your Contacts or Leads.

You can use the All of these or Any of these options to select multiple filters at once.

All of these will display only Contacts or Leads who match all of the filter selections you've enabled.

Any of these will display Contacts or Leads that match one or more of the filter selections you've enabled.

Sorting by custom fields

All of the custom fields you have created are available as sorting options by default.

To sort your Contacts or Leads by a custom field, head over to your Contacts or Leads list.

At the top right of your list, you'll see how your see how your Contacts or Leads are currently sorted. 

Click the active sorting option to display additional choices. At the bottom of the list, you'll notice a Custom Fields option which expands to list all of the custom fields you have created.

You can also modify your sorting to display your list by your custom field's ascending or descending alphanumeric values, using the sorting arrows.