Time to First Action Reports

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The Success Insights section of our Reports Center lets you analyze your process and your team's performance.  It's also where you can view the Time to First Action set of reports.

Those three reports focus on your results in the context of the time it takes you to contact your prospects when you open a new Deal for them. You can differentiate between the type of contact (email or call) using the Filters column, under Action Type.  If you don't select a specific type of action, the graph will use the data for the action with the lowest response time. 

For Type to First Action by Outcome and by Owner, you can also specify the Outliers that the report should ignore. These are deals where the first contact occurred after an extremely long time, due to unusual circumstances. 
In the Time to First Action by Time Buckets report, these outliers are actually included in the graph – they are on the far right-hand side of it.

Time to First Action by Outcome

This report is the best way to get an overview of the trends in your sales pipeline.


The individual lines in the graph show you the time to response for each outcome (Won, Lost, Unqualified deals – or their equivalent in your sales cycle, and the average of those values.

It's also handy when you need a visual reference for the response time you want to reach. 
And filtering by owner allows you to see the performance of individual team members.

Which brings us to

Time to First Action by Owner

While the previous report shows you the performance of an individual team member, this report provides a quick comparison of your team's results. 


You can filter the graph by outcome for a more detailed view of how your team does. 

Time to First Action by Time Buckets

The third report shows you the timeframe of when you’re contacting your prospects, broken down by outcome.


You can choose to view stacked columns in the graph, for an overview of the absolute numbers of deals contacted in a specific time frame; or you can select the scaled version and see your win ratio per time bucket.
Using the Bucket Size filter, you can narrow the bars down to minutes, or spread them out as far as you need, depending on the reference you're looking for.

There's no Outliers filter on this report, since you can scroll it as far right (using the arrows) as necessary, and see the deals that went the longest without any interaction.

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