How do I answer inbound calls with Base Voice?

After you set up Base Voice, each user will have a phone number where they can receive phone calls in Base. Anytime someone calls this number, Base will notify you. You can find your Base phone number by going to Settings > Voice.
When someone calls your Base phone number while you're using Base, we'll notify you.

If you don’t answer or your computer is off, the call will be forwarded to the transfer number you provided at setup. This can be a desk phone or a mobile phone.
What happens if I am on the phone and someone calls me?
If you are on your Base Voice line and someone tries to call you, they will receive a message that you are currently on the line.

Note: We don't offer Voicemail services at this time, if you are not available for a call and didn't input a transfer number a prompt will let them know "The person you are trying to reach is not available at this time"