How Do I Use Appointments in Zendesk Sell?

Doing business starts with talking to people. And one of the crucial things in today's busy world is scheduling.
Zendesk Sell Appointments lets you set up a meeting, a call, a demo, or any other type of event.

Setting Appointments up is very simple. When you first navigate there, you'll see a calendar, ready to be populated with your schedule. 

If you already have a Google Calendar set up, you might want to integrate it with Sell. Head to our Calendars settings page, and click the "+" button.

If you're already logged in to your Google account, you'll only need to allow Sell to access your calendars, view your email address, and know who you are on Google.

You'll then be able to name the calendar, select which of your Google Calendars will integrate with Sell, and select the default calendar.


The default calendar is the only editable calendar (the remaining visible calendars will be read-only, and events from them will show up in grey in your appointments calendar). 

Note that if you leave the drop-down selection as "Sell Calendar," your appointments will not sync with Google. You need to choose a calendar from your Google account as the default calendar.

All your appointments from the selected Google Calendar will be copied to Sell Appointments. Automatically.

And if those events have attendees, whose emails match your Sell Contacts or Leads, they will be matched to those Contacts/Leads. Automatically. 

You'll probably want to make sure your brand is recognizable when you meet a client – which is why we've given you the option to upload your logo for the calendar invitations. You can do it in your Calendar settings, and it's as easy as drag & drop. 


When it's time to create a new appointment, you can do that in a number of ways.
When you add an appointment from a Contact or a Deal page, the relevant details are already filled out.
From the Calendar, you can either quickly add one through the simple view, or expand the view to fill in more details.


Clicking on the "+" button under Attendees or Deal will let you start typing a Contact's or Lead's name (or the name of a Deal, respectively), and Sell will automatically suggest the relevant person or Deal. Adding a Deal will automatically add all its related Contacts to the appointment. You can remove a Contact or Deal by clicking the red "x" icon.
You can add a title to the appointment, and specify its date, time, and length.

And when you save the appointment, all the attendees will receive a notification from Sell, letting them immediately accept or decline. They'll also receive an email if you reschedule the appointment.
And if they have a Google or Google Apps account with the email address you've included in the appointment, clicking "Save and Send Invites" will automatically add the appointment as an event to their Google Calendar.
If you don't want to let them know about the appointment, just uncheck the option to "Send invitations to Meeting Attendees."

When you view the appointment later, you'll see their response status in green or red, respectively, next to their names. You can see an example of an Appointment invitation below. 


Even with all this, life can be sometimes unpredictable, and we're not always able to make it on time. Still, in those moments, it's even worse to waste more time to draft a note, or quickly call your contact. 
But with Appointments, it's just one click on the Running Late button, then a second click on when you'll be able to make it (be it 5, 10, 15 minutes or an hour later) – and all the attendees receive an email letting them know you need a while longer.


Your calendar will only display your own appointments; you can view your colleagues' appointments related to a contact or a deal by viewing the contact's or deal's page.