Optimizing call quality for Base Voice

All calls from Base are VOIP (Voice over IP) calls. Call quality can be dependent on internet connection, microphone/headset and general service load.
In order to ensure the highest level calls, there are a couple measures you can take:

  • Use a wired internet connection whenever possible
  • Avoid placing calls when connected to free/public wifi as the connection can be unreliable
  • Use a headset with a noise canceling microphone rather than your computers microphone/speaker

Selecting a web browser for Base Voice

The web browser that you use can affect audio quality. Base recommends Google Chrome for the best experience. Chrome relies on browser-native audio compression and streaming capabilities known as WebRTC, or web real-time communications. Click here to download Google Chrome.
The WebRTC standard tends to provide better audio. Another benefit is that it relies on the computer’s audio settings for adjusting the microphone’s volume. It’s also possible to use Base Voice with other browsers like Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer. However, these browsers don’t currently support the WebRTC standard so the Adobe Flash browser plugin is used to compress and stream audio.