How do I import data from Highrise?

To import your data into Sell:

Go to the Import section your account's Settings tab, and locate Highrise under the Import options.


You will then see a screen where you'll be required to provide your Highrise account credentials.


Enter your Highrise account name and account token. You can locate your token under

Accounts & Settings  My Info  (API Token).

By default, Zendesk Sell will import all data you have access to, including any private contacts. You will be also given an option to import users from your Highrise account. If their names and emails match people who already are in your Sell account, their Highrise data will be assigned to them when you check the box next to their name.

If we can't match some Highrise users to users in your Sell account (either because they haven't been invited, or because they use a different email address), you will have the option of creating new Sell users. 
Please note that this can require purchasing additional seats for your account.


NOTE: If you select the "All Users" import option, invitations to your Sell account will be sent to all users currently active on your Highrise account. If you are a paid Sell subscriber, this will incur charges for additional users on your account.