Importing data from Highrise

all Sell plans

You can import data and contacts from Highrise into Sell.

To import your data

  1. Go to Settings > Import.
  2. Select the application you're importing from: Highrise.


  3. Enter your Highrise name and account token. You can find your token in Highrise under Accounts & Settings > My Info > (API Token).


  4. Sell imports all data you have access to, including any private contacts.
  5. You are also given an option to import users from your Highrise account. If their names and emails match people that are already in your Sell account, their Highrise data will be assigned to them when you check the box next to their name.

If Sell can't match a Highrise user to a user in your Sell account, you can create a new Sell user. 

Note: If you select the All Users import option, invitations to your Sell account are sent to all users currently active on your Highrise account. Importing new users can incur charges for purchasing additional seats.