Intro to Outlook Plugin and Installing

Outlook is an essential tool for many sales reps. This plugin will continuously sync your Outlook contacts with your Base contacts and give you the option of attaching emails to that customer’s Base contact card.

Auto-Update Contacts

Base for Outlook lets you manage your customers and track conversations in Base without ever leaving Outlook. The widget copies your Outlook contact activity right into your Base account. When you install the Base plugin for Outlook, you can sync your existing contact groups with Base. Any time you update a contact in Outlook, the contact will be updated in Base. Likewise, any updates to contacts in Base will be reflected in Outlook. After you’ve synced your Base CRM contacts with Outlook, you can open a contact and see all related deals.



 The Outlook plugin can be downloaded here.

Once you download the plugin it will run through a standard installation wizard:




You may receive a "Publisher can't be verified" message and will have to click Install to continue.



 You may also receive a security notice as well.




Once you install the plugin you will have to login to a valid Base account. This can be any account type and doesn't have the match the email account that you are using with Outlook.



Base will create 2 new folders in Outlook






Tech Requirements 

Base for Outlook works with Outlook 2007, 2010 and 2013 and is PC only. Outlook for Mac does not support plugins.