Enabling Sell Voice

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To use Sell Voice, you need to confirm you own phone number, and then select the Sell phone number that you will use to make and receive Sell Voice calls.

Important: You are solely responsible for using the voice and text features in Zendesk Sell in compliance with all applicable laws. Zendesk does not control the content of your telephonic communications, when they are made, or the recipients of the communications. Certain jurisdictions may require end-user consent prior to initiating telephonic outreach.  By enabling and using these   features, you agree that you have received the required consent.

To select a Sell phone number

  1. Go to Settings > Voice and Text.
  2. Enter your own phone number, including the country code, to activate your account.  This must be a mobile phone that you have immediate access to.  A text message with a verification code is sent to your phone.Screenshot_2019-10-24_at_11.15.46.png
  3. Enter the code that is displayed on your mobile phone into the verification code field, and click Verify.
  4. Click Choose your own Sell Phone Number (below the default +16502852316 phone number).


  5. Select your country code from the drop-down list.
  6. Search for available phone numbers based on part of a phone number, zip code, or area code.


  7. For example, if you want your Sell phone number to begin with the area code "415", select the area code option in the Search by drop-down menu.
  8. Click Find Number and a list of available phone numbers appears. When you see a number that you want, click to select it.


  9. Click Claim Number.  This is your new Sell phone number and you are ready to call your leads and contacts. 

    If you are recording calls, you must adhere to applicable laws and regulations.  See Best practices when recording calls for more information.

    Your Sell Voice number shows on the call recipient's Caller ID. 


Setting up a mobile transfer number

If you don't want to make a call through your computer, you can transfer calls to a mobile or landline phone. Enter your transfer phone number in Mobile Number for Transfers.

Make sure you add your country code in parentheses before the number.


When you click a lead or contact's phone number, you will see on option to call them using this transfer number. If you choose this option, your transfer number will ring. 
After you pick up your transfer line, Sell Voice calls the contact for you. The call is still recorded and logged in Sell.