Selecting a Zendesk Sell Voice Phone Number and Transfer Number

After you sign up for one of our Zendesk Sell Plans, you'll want to select the phone number you will make and receive calls from.  To get started with Sell Voice and choose your number, follow these steps:

1. Go to Settings in Sell and click on Voice and Text.

2. Click the "Choose your own Zendesk Sell Phone Number" link below the default +16502852316 phone number.


3. Select your Country Code from the drop-down list. Then, you can search for available phone numbers based on part of a phone number, zip code, or area code.


For example: If you want your Sell phone number to begin with the area code "415", select the "area code" option in the Search by drop-down menu.

4. Click Find Number and a list of available phone number will appear. Once you see a number you want, click on it to select.



5. On the next screen, click Claim Number and you’re all set!



Mobile Number for Transfers and Voicemails

If you do not want to make a call through your computer, you can transfer calls to a mobile or landline phone. In order to call via transfer number, enter your transfer phone number in the "Mobile Number for Transfers" box. 



After you add a transfer number, you will now see “Call via Transfer”. When you click this, your transfer line will ring. 
After you pick up your transfer line, we will call the contact for you. The call will still be recorded and logged in Sell.

Your Sell Voice number will show on the call recipient's Caller ID. 

Transfer Pricing

When you are using a transfer number, you are charged for each leg of the call. The first leg would be the connection between your phone and Sell. The second leg would be Sell to your customer. The listed call rates are per leg. For example, if you are making a call in the United States via call transfer, you'd be charged 4 cents per minute (2 cents per leg).

Voicemail Setup

Your transfer number can also be used to serve as your Sell account's Voicemail. When the transfer number is set up in your account, any call to Sell Voice that is not answered will transfer to that number. Should you not answer there, the call will go to that number’s voicemail. A recording of the voicemail left will be placed in your Sell account as well, on that Contact’s record.