How do I Use Text Messaging In Base?

Base Voice is already the best tool for making sales calls – and getting results.
Now you can also send text messages right from your Base account. 

No setup

Text Messaging through Base has no setup, since it uses your existing Base Voice number.  Don't have Base Voice number yet? Find out how to select a phone number for Base Voice.

Using Text Messaging

Just open a Contact, Lead, or Deal page – and right next to the "Send an Email" tab, you'll see the "Send a Text Message" tab. This is the place for sending Text Messages.

On the Contact, Lead, or Deal page you can view all the messages exchanged with the Contact or Lead – including ones sent to and by your colleagues.

Note: You can only reply to messages sent to your number.

If you'd rather have a clear view of your own messages, just open the Communications Center:

From there, you can create new messages to your Base Contacts or Leads.

In the Unmatched tab, you'll find messages from numbers that are not in your Base Contacts and Leads list.
You can add them to your Leads or Contacts with a single click – or delete them forever, just as easily.

Removing Text Messages from Base

When you remove a messaging conversation from Base (using the dropdown menu in the conversation header), it will disappear from the Contact/Lead/Deal card as well as from the Communication Center. 
You'll be asked to confirm the removal:

Text Messages Availability

Note: At the moment, text messaging is available in selected countries only and cannot be used to send messages to international numbers. Please see our Voice pricing page for more detailsAlso you must have a available funds in your Voice Account in order to use text.  View your available funds balance here