Deactivating a user

If you want to remove a user temporarily from your account, you can deactivate the user. You might want to do this if someone leaves the company and you want to retain that user's emails and other information, but ensure they do not have access to Sell. 

You have the option at any time to reactivate them, or delete them in the future.

You need admin rights to deactivate a user.

Deactivate a user

  1. Go to Settings > User Management and click the user you want to deactivate. At the bottom of the pop-up screen, click Deactivate User.deactivate_user.gif
  2. Click Deactivate to confirm.
  3. You can see the user on the Deactivated tab.  From here you can click the user to either reactivate or delete them.

The deactivated user will no longer be able to log on to Sell, either on the the web or using mobile applications. They remain visible as a user, and continue to appear on relevant reports.

You won't be able to assign any data or tasks to that user, but their entire activity history is retained, as well as their ownership of deals, contacts, or leads. If necessary, you can then reassign those to relevant users.

Following a deactivation, a user's API token is also changed and any integrations they had enabled in Sell are disabled.

Deactivated users are not counted in your account seat limit. If you're not planning on introducing another team member, you can adjust the number of seats you have. If you need a more permanent solution, you can  delete a user entirely.