Working with groups and teams in Sell

On Enterprise and Elite plans, you can set up teams and groups in Sell.

A team is a group of users that report to another user (for example, a sales manager, team lead, or project manager). Choose a team name that is easily identifiable (this can be especially useful when viewing your sales reports).

A group is a set of users that you can specify from across the organization.  Using groups is a great way to segment and filter your reports, where users sit in different parts of the hierarchy.

When you open an account, the account owner is placed at the top of the hierarchy tree.  The account owner is the "topmost manager". By default, all users report to the topmost manager until you set up your organizational structure.

When you've created all your teams and groups, you have created a user hierarchy.

See Creating a team structure in Sell to understand how to build your organization hierarchy.