Automatically Create Zendesk Sell Leads from Gravity Forms

If you collect form submission through Gravity Forms and have ever wanted to take those submissions and send them to Zendesk Sell to create leads, you can now do that with the help of Zapier.

Here's what you'll need to get started:

  • A Zapier account - Click here to create an account
  • The Gravity Forms plugin
  • The Gravity Forms Zapier add-on
  • A Zendesk Sell account

If you're looking to create a specific Zap where a new Lead in Sell will be created every time you get a new Gravity Form submission, click on the orange "Use this Zap" button below. 


Zapier Steps

First, you'll want to start creating a zap that automatically takes new Gravity Forms from submissions and uses that data to create leads in Zendesk Sell. Click the “Connect Gravity Forms + Zendesk Sell” button to get started. You'll first be reminded to set up your Gravity Forms form, so go ahead and do that if you haven't already.



Next, you'll need to make sure you have the Gravity Forms plugin with the Zapier add-on installed. This will appear when you click on 'Test This Step.' Visit the Form Settings > Zapier settings of the form you'd like to trigger this zap with and add the URL that Zapier provides, to your setup. Be sure to mark it as active and save it! If you're having trouble, you can view detailed instructions here.



Connect Your Sell Account

The next step is to connect your Zendesk Sell account. You may not be prompted to complete this step if you have created a Zap before.  If this is your first Zap, click 'Choose Account' and follow the steps below!

1. Select to 'Connect an Account'


2. Enter in your account information 



Zendesk Sell Actions 

Choose from the following Zendesk Actions! You can create new information in Sell, or search for existing information to update.



Map Your Data

Navigate to the 'Set up Template' step and map in data from Gravity Form to the appropriate field in Sell. For example, if you are searching for an existing Lead, the 'Set up Template' field may look like the screenshot below. More on this process here.


Finally, we’ll turn your zap on and you'll have the chance to test it out with entries from your Gravity Forms account. Information from your Gravity Forms account can now automatically sync to your Zendesk Sell account!