Deal Loss Reasons

If you're trying to identify why you've been losing deals, sales reporting with Base CRM provides the Deal Loss Reasons report that provides valuable insight as to why you might be missing out on some sales.

This report breaks down the deal lost reasons across all of your lost deals in a given timeframe so you can adapt your strategy accordingly.  Hover your mouse cursor over a section of the graphic to see the number of deals lost according to that reason, or view the table below to see the deal spread across all loss reasons. 

You can filter this report by date range, team member, or tag. 

In the example below we've filtered by (deal owner) Cain, to identify the loss reasons specific to his deals.  The report shows that 25% of his lost deals were due to "Poor Follow-Up". You can edit your Loss Reasons in the Deal Settings menu.

Note: If you're not seeing the Deal Loss Reason pop up window, please check your Profile page to see if you've checked the "Ask for Loss Reason" option.