Exchange Contact Integration


Overview: How do I integrate my Contacts with Exchange?

Enable the Exchange Contact Integration to turn on the two-way contact sync between Zendesk Sell and Exchange and keep everything in sync moving forward! 


Set up:

To get started go to your account's Settings and look under the Integrations section.

Here, click the Enable button under the Exchange section.  



If your Exchange account is behind a firewall or does not have AutoDiscovery enabled, Sell will prompt you for some additional server information here.

Once connected, choose the Categories that you would like to sync into Sell. These will be imported in as Contacts in your Sell account.

Sell will also automatically create Categories in Exchange to store any Contacts already in Sell that were not also found in Exchange. 

The Categories you choose can later be modified from your Integration Settings page.

Once set up, Sell will automatically sync with your Exchange account.



We've outlined some of the most frequently asked questions about Exchange Sync here. If you still have any questions, just let us know!

Can I sync my global Contacts, or Contacts in a shared Exchange folder into Sell? 

At the moment, we support only private folders in Exchange. Contacts in shared or global folders cannot be brought into Sell.

Is this a 2-way sync?

Yes - for example. updating a phone number for a synced Contact in Exchange will update that information in Sell and vice versa. 

Do only Contacts I own sync back into Exchange?

The Exchange Sync will actually sync all of the Contacts that you have visibility into. For example, if you are a Manager (with visibility into all of your users' Contacts), all of the Contacts you see in Sell will be synced back into Exchange. 

Will duplicates in Exchange be merged in Zendesk Sell?

If you have duplicated contacts in Exchange, each of the duplicates will be brought into Sell as is. That said, you can later merge Contacts in Sell when you come across them. Contacts you merge in Sell will not merge in Exchange - rather, they will simply cease to sync with all but one of those records in Exchange. 

Why did I not see an option to select Categories when I integrated?

This occurs when you do not have Categories defined in your Exchange account. You'll need to define Categories in order to pull information into Sell - without this, we will only sync your Sell Contacts over to your Exchange account.

What Categories does Zendesk Sell create in Outlook when I turn on Exchange Sync?

Sell will create the following categories within your Exchange account. 

  • Sell Person - Contacts existing in Sell will be placed in this category
  • Sell Company - Companies existing in Sell will be placed in this category
  • Sell Current Prospect - Contacts with active Deals will be placed in this category
  • Sell Lost Prospect - Contacts with Unqualified or Lost Deals will be placed in this category
  • Sell Current Customer - Contacts with Won Deals and the Current Customer status in Sell will be placed in this category
  • Sell Past Customer - Contacts with the Past Customer status in Sell will be placed in this category
  • Sell Lead - Any Leads in Sell will be placed in this category

What are Prospects and Customers? Click here to find out!

What happens if I have the same Contact in Exchange and Zendesk Sell?

Sell will attempt to intelligently find and merge Contacts as they're imported. We do this by scanning for certain matching information (Names, Addresses, Emails, etc). 

If you have two matching Contacts with conflicting values in different fields, we'll pull in the latest update. If any previously stored values in Sell are overwritten, we'll move those to a separate Custom Field. 

Can I change the name of a Category created by Zendesk Sell?

Names of any Categories created by Sell cannot currently be changed. If you do accidentally change one, no worries! We'll overwrite it back to its original name during the next sync. 


If I delete a Contact in Outlook, will it be deleted in Zendesk Sell (or vice versa)? 

No - though we will sync updates back and forth, we will not sync deletes across both services. Should you delete a Contact in Outlook or Sell, you'll have to delete it in its opposite system as well. 

Deleted Contacts will also not be recreated. If you accidentally import Contacts you don't wish to see in Sell, you can delete them in bulk and they will not be recreated on the next sync. 

Still have questions? Reach out to us at Support, we'll be happy to help!