How do I integrate my Contacts with Exchange?

Connecting Base to your Exchange account enables you to pull in your existing database of contacts and keep everything in sync moving forwards. Interested in the nitty gritty? Check out this FAQ!

To get started go to your account's Settings and look under the Integrations section.

Here, click the Enable button under the Exchange section. 


If your Exchange account is behind a firewall, or does not have AutoDiscovery enabled, Base will prompt you for some additional server information here.

Once connected, choose the Categories that you would like to sync into Base. These will be imported in as Contacts in your Base account.

Base will also automatically create Categories in Exchange to store any Contacts already in Base that were not also found in Exchange. 

The Categories you choose can later be modified from your Integration Settings page.

Once set up, Base will automatically sync with your Exchange account. You're all set! 

Questions? Visit this FAQ!