Check out the various Reports offered in Base!


Funnel Report

With Funnel Report you can see the flow of Deals as they move through the pipeline from stage to stage.

The funnel report includes any Deal that was created during the date range chosen, and displays the progress starting from the first stage.

The funnel report shows the number of deals that have moved through a stage, not the number of deals that are currently in the stage.

If you move a Deal from Incoming stage to Closure stage directly, the report still will show this Deal as it would move through all Qualified, Quote, Closure stages.


Stage Distribution

Stage Distribution report will show the number of deals in each stage currently.

This report pulls from the “moved to stage on” field of a Deal, meaning the date that a Deal was moved to a particular stage.

In any case, when you select a date range in your Stage Distribution report, the dates pertain to the “moved to stage on” field and reflect only deals that were moved in your stages at that time.


Total Sales

Sum of won Deals per User

I've added my deals but the report section still says £0 I've added all costs etc.

if you haven’t moved any deals to your won pipeline stage, most of your reports will not have any information to display.


Forecasted Sales

This report allows you to see what your expected sales are and how they compare to actual sales.

Deal Value * Win Likelihood / 100 = Forecasted value for a given Estimated End Date


Forecasted Sales by Source

 Forecasted Sales by Source allow you to see the expected and actual sales grouped by the source.


Sales by Account 

Sales by Account lets you see your deal value distribution by account.

This sales report will show the cumulative value of won deals by account, and the percentage breakdown of your total deals value.


Sales by Owner 

Report shows a breakdown of won deal distribution among your team.


Deal Loss Reasons

Deal Loss Reasons report provides insight as to why you might be missing out on some sales.

To add or edit existing Deal loss reasons, go to Settings > Deals and choose the Loss Reasons tab.

Unqualified Deals DOES NOT count (as they are not treated as Lost Deals).


Sales Goals

The Sales Goals Report shows the progress of each of your sales people in reaching their individual goals of won deals.  

Forecasted value also included


Won Deals Goals

The Won Deals Goals report shows how your sales team is doing in terms of meeting a deal quota for the resolution period.


Deal Source Performance

The Deal Source Performance report shows the percentage of won deals by source and team member.


Loss Reasons by Owner

The Loss Reasons by Owner report shows you a breakdown of why your deals were lost by each deal owner.


Loss Reasons by Source

The Loss Reasons by Source report correlates your loss reasons with your deal sources.


Stage Conversion by Owner

This report shows you the average conversion rate for the entire team, as well as each rep’s individual stage conversion.

Note: you can remove Stages from the chart to get more overall view. This way you can see direct conversion rate between i.e. Incoming and Closed (Won) Stage.


Stage Duration Analysis

Report shows how much time deals spend in a given stage of your pipeline, on average.

Also showing chances of closing a deal based on past data for duration, won and lost Deals.

General outcome of this report is whether you should work on moving from stage to stage faster or slower.


Stage Duration by Owner

It breaks down the average time an individual team member has a deal in a particular stage.

What happens if during the sales pipeline a Deal changes its Owner (Sales Rep)?

The report assumes that the user that moves a Deal to the next stage should take credit for the stage the Deal was just in.

This implies that one Deal can appear in Stage Duration Report for more than one Deal owner in different stages.


Time to First Action by Outcome

The individual lines in the graph show you the time to response for each outcome (Won, Lost, Unqualified deals – or their equivalent in your sales cycle), and the average of those values on a monthly basis (default)


Time to First Action by Owner

The individual bars in the graph show you the time to response for each Deal Owner and the team's average of those values. All in given time period.

Does Email action count from any source of outgoing email?

Yes, both outgoing email sent from Base and any synced outgoing email (i.e. sent from Gmail but related to the deal) counts.


Time to First Action by Time Buckets

Time to First Action by Time Buckets Report helps you find the right time to reach out to your clients, based on your past performance.

It shows timeframe of when you’re contacting your prospects, broken down by outcome.


Lead Status Report

Report gives a breakdown of leads by lead status.

Note: Useful only after defining Lead Statuses in the Settings


Deal Sources

The Deal Sources report breaks down where your deals are coming from.

Note: to get this reporting to work, you need to make sure when converting a lead into a Contact/Deal that you set the Deal Source. It won’t automatically pull it from the Lead itself.


Total Incoming Deals 

Shows the number of Deals added in a given time period. Report breaks down for each Deal Owner.