Reports Overview

At Zendesk Sell we're believers in spending more time analyzing your business results than creating reports, so we've built the core sales reports directly in Sell for you. With the date ranges and the filters, each report is essentially hundreds of reports in one. 

Sell reports are designed to immediately help you answer a question about your business.

This article will review:

  1. Using Zendesk Sell Reports - Fundamentals

  2. Overview of out of the box Zendesk Sell Reports

Using Zendesk Sell Reports - Fundamentals

Here is a short list of important things to know about Sell reports:

  1. Each report answers a specific question. Go to the bottom of this article, or the Report specific article to learn what question you can answer with which report.
  2. Many Reports offer the Table vs Chart view. Chart view shows you a graphical analysis of what you're looking at while the Table view provides a more column and row view of the raw data, think "excel like".Reports___Zendesk_Sell_2018-10-29_10-38-33.png
  3. The Date Range allows you to customize this report even further. By selecting specific dates, you can see the exact information you are looking for. You can either pick "Custom" which are pre-defined like This Week or This Quarter or a specific Date Range like January 8, 2018 - May 30, 2018. Reports___Zendesk_Sell_2018-10-29_10-40-23.png
  4. Finally, you are able to Filter your list by many attributes in Sell. This allows you to, for example, view your Funnel Report by Team or by Industry to see how they differ. You can choose one or many filters to apply to the report.Reports___Zendesk_Sell_2018-10-29_10-41-34.png


Overview of out of the box Zendesk Sell Reports:

Pipeline Analysis: 

This section includes 3 reports focused around analyzing your pipeline.

  • Your Funnel Report allows you to analyze a cohort of leads or deals to evaluate where your deals get stuck, unqualified or lost so you can figure out where the bottlenecks in your business lie.
  • Your Pipeline Development Report allows you to answer the question "what changed and progressed in my pipeline from date A to date B?"
  • Your Stage Distribution Report gives you a snapshot of how your current pipeline is distributed between the stages to get a picture of the balance of your pipeline.

Sales Performance:

This section tells you how your sales and forecast numbers are looking, taking a holistic view of your business performance.

  • Your Total Sales Report allows you to see the value of your Won Deals (or your Sales) in Sell, grouped in multiple ways based on the question you are trying to answer.
  • Your Forecasted Sales Report enables you to see how the value of your pipeline (deal value and % win likelihood) translated into a Forecast for your business to predict how much money you are anticipating to bring in.
  • Your Forecasted Sales by Source Report allows you to predict how much money in your pipeline you are expected to bring in, categorized by the Source it came from. This helps you to understand the anticipated effectiveness of your Deal Sources.
  • Your Sales by Customer report allows you to see a breakdown of the value of your won deals, categorized by each Customer so you can see if there are specific customers that make up a large % of your revenue.
  • Your Sales by Owner report allows you to see your sales numbers broken down by Rep on your team. Who is your best rep?
  • Your Deal Loss Reason report allows you to simply see the distribution of all deals broken down by the loss reason so you can quickly see which ones are the most common for your business.

Activity Reports: 

These reports give you a snapshot into the sales activities your teams are doing.

  • Your Activity Overview gives you the quick overview of all sales activities (Calls, Emails, Appointments, Tasks, Notes, Texts, Visits) your team members are doing so you can quickly see if activity is normal or should be changed.
  • Your Call Outcomes report helps you understand the effectiveness of the calls you are making.
  • Your Email Outcomes report help you understand the effectiveness of your emails.
  • Your Visit Outcomes report helps you to understand how impactful your visits have been.


Your Goals reports allow you to see how your team is tracking against their targets (either by Deal Value or number of Deals).

  • Your Sales Goals report gives you visibility at a per person and team level into how your sales (value of your won deals) measure against your sales goals over a given period. It also allows you to see how your pipeline looks against meeting that goal.
  • Your Won Deals Goals allows you to see how your team is tracking against their goal in terms of number of unique Deals won over a given period.

Advanced Sales Insights: 

These reports are intended for the deeper dive into past performance of your team to analyze trends and behaviors to see what you can change moving forward.

  • Your Deal Source Performance report allows you to see the correlation between success closing a Deal from a specific source and the Reps on your team.
  • Your Loss Reason by Owner report allows you to look at the loss reason patterns for specific people on your team to evaluate if there is a coaching opportunity you can provide.
  • Your Loss Reason by Source allows you to understand if there are specific Sources that do not perform well across your entire business.
  • Your Stage Conversion by Owner is a winning 1:1 report to review! It shows you how individual team member's conversions perform relative to their peers and the team average. It also gives you visibility into conversions at each stage in your funnel!
  • Your Rep Performance Dashboard gives you a deep-dive into an individual's performance across many metrics. It is a good, one-stop-shop for a quick Rep overview.

Success Insights: 

These reports give you a deeper view of what works and what doesn't work for your Sales organization.

  • Your Stage Duration Analysis report gives you visibility to Deal velocity through each stage and most importantly, the relationship between time spent in a stage and the likelihood of what will happen to that Deal.
  • Your Stage Duration by Owner report answers the question, how quickly does each rep move a Deal through the pipeline and where are they spending the most of their time.
  • Your Time to first action by Outcome report allows you to see the relationship between how quickly we move on a Deal and the outcome of that Deal.
  • Your Time to first action by Owner report allows you to understand which of your reps acts the quickest on Deals they are assigned.
  • Your Time to first action by Time buckets allows you to see the distribution of all of your Deals based on when we first speak with them. This gives you a holistic view of your team's speed.

Marketing Effectiveness: 

This section gives you the overview of how the Leads coming from Marketing are performing.

  • Your Lead Status Report gives you the overview of the status of all of your Leads over a certain period.
  • Your Deal Source report shows you where your Deal have come from to evaluate if one source is more effective than another at generating Deals.
  • Your Total Incoming Deals allows you to understand if your lead flow and amount of incoming deals has changed over time to understand if Marketing could be your sales bottleneck.


This section gives you the deeper dive of voice and calling related reporting.

  • Your Call Log is your one location for all calls made in Sell with quick links to their recording! Great place to go to to prep for a 1:1 or a performance review.
  • Your Call Count allows you to see the number of calls made per Rep to see if one Rep is calling much more than others.
  • Your Call Duration report shows you the average call time per Rep to see who is having the most meaningful conversations and who is having shorter conversations.
  • Your Call Outcomes report shows you a simple distribution of the outcome of your calls.
  • Your Call Volume vs Deal Value shows you if your team is spending more time on higher value deals or if their time is not being properly spent.
  • Your Call Length vs Time of Day gives you good visibility into the patterns of the best time to call clients and prospects so they will answer the phone!