HubSpot Integration FAQ

Note: This integration is currently available on our Enterprise and Elite Plans. You must also have Hubspot Marketing Professional or Enterprise Plans to enable this integration.

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Should I sync all of my HubSpot contacts to Sell?

No. The only contacts that should be synced from HubSpot to Sell are those who have reached a certain level of lead nurturing that you have set in HubSpot.

When should leads be sent to Sell?

The only leads that should be sent to Sell are those who have reached or exceeded the HubSpot Engagement score that you’ve set as your threshold. This number varies by company and will depend on what you see fit as an adequate level of engagement to then move forward to sales. Keep in mind that some engagement actions are more telling of a lead’s willingness to move forward so allocate points accordingly.

Can I sync multiple HubSpot smart lists with Sell?

In order to avoid syncing unqualified Leads, the HubSpot integration with Sell is limited to just one Smart List. The best practice is actually to streamline your HubSpot contacts into one HubSpot Smart List. All of your Marketing Qualified Leads that are ready for your sales team should flow into this one list. From there, they can be brought into your Sell account for your sales team to begin prospecting.

We recommend checking out HubSpot Academy for more information on building out a Smart List like this.

Is the HubSpot sync a two-way sync with Sell? 

Yes - updating a record in Sell will update it accordingly in HubSpot and vice versa.

If I have the same Contact in Sell and HubSpot, will they merge? 

Sell will try to intelligently merge Contacts present in both HubSpot and Sell in order to avoid creating duplicates.

Empty values within either system will always be overwritten if a value is present in the opposite system. For example: If John Smith has a custom phone number within Sell, but no custom phone number in HubSpot, that information will be brought to HubSpot in the next sync.

Note that fields that are already filled out in Sell will *not* be overwritten by updates made to those fields in HubSpot. Since your sales team will be actively working on the records you bring into Sell, the information in Sell should always be more up to date than the information in HubSpot.

How do Custom Fields sync from HubSpot to Sell?

If a Custom Field is present within HubSpot, you'll be given the option to sync it into Sell during the integration setup process. You'll be able to create a Custom Field for that information - Sell will automatically choose the field type.

For example: If you'd like to sync a HubSpot Numbers custom field, the Custom Field you create will automatically be a Numbers type field.

How do Custom Fields sync from Sell to HubSpot? 

You'll be able to choose which Hubspot custom fields to place your Sell Custom Field values in during the integration process.

Note that, unlike the fields coming into Sell from HubSpot, you'll need to have created the HubSpot fields you'd like to sync Sell information into beforehand. You will not be able to create new HubSpot custom fields during the integration process.

Which HubSpot fields are synchronized to Sell in addition to Custom Fields? 

Along with all of the normal Contact fields, we'll also bring over the following HubSpot fields

HubSpot Source Field Sell Field
Original Source Type For Leads: Lead Source. For Contacts: Custom Field HubSpot Source
Hubspot Score Custom Field Hubspot Score
Lifecycle Stage Custom Field HubSpot Lifecycle Stage
Public Contact URL Custom Field HubSpot Public Contact URL

Which Sell fields can be synchronized to HubSpot?

Sell Field HubSpot field Type
Sell Lead Status Dropdown for Lead Status
Sell Prospect Status Text field for Prospect Status
Sell Customer Status Text field for Customer Status
Sell Owner Name Text field for Owner Name
Sell Owner E-mail Text field for e-mail
Sell Lead ID Number field for Lead ID
Sell Contact ID Number field for Contact ID

How do I add Leads or Contacts from Sell to HubSpot? 

You'll be able to bulk select Leads and Contacts, then choose the "Add to HubSpot" option to begin synchronizing them once the integration is enabled.

Note that only Leads or Contacts with email addresses can be sent to HubSpot - email is a required field within HubSpot.

Additionally, Company Contacts cannot be added to Hubspot. 

If more than one Lead or Contact with the same email address is selected to be synced with HubSpot, we'll sync just one.

Who will own the records imported by the sync? 

The Sell Admin that sets up the HubSpot integration will automatically own any new record imported through the sync. If a record is already within Sell, it will be merged with the imported record from HubSpot, but the ownership will not be changed.

What happens if I synchronize a HubSpot list to Sell, then delete all of those records in HubSpot? 

All of those Contacts will remain within Sell - once a record is synced into Sell, it can only be removed from Sell from within Sell itself.

What happens if I delete a Lead/Contact in Sell that is being synchronized with my HubSpot list?

The Lead/Contact will be removed from Sell and will never sync to Sell again. Re-adding it to your HubSpot list will not trigger it to sync to Sell.

This is because deleting it in Sell essentially tells Sell you no longer wish to have this Lead/Contact in Sell moving forward, hence the deletion. This logic is to prevent Sell from constantly re-syncing Leads/Contacts that were meant to be removed. Otherwise, deleted Leads/Contacts will always reappear during syncs.

Will I be able to see marketing activity from Hubspot in Zendesk Sell? 

The Activity Feed in Hubspot will NOT sync to your Zendesk Sell account.  However, you can link your users to the Activity Feed in Hubspot on a Sell Contact Card. The URL Custom Field "Hubspot Contact Public Record" will take users directly to the appropriate events in Hubspot.

Note: In order to access this link, each user will need to be able to log into the Hubspot account with their own login information.  Hubspot does not charge per-seat, so you can add your extra users to your Hubspot account at no additional cost.

Will a Contact imported from a HubSpot list stop syncing with Sell if I remove it from that HubSpot list later on? 

No. Once a record is synced between HubSpot and Sell, either by adding it to a synced list in HubSpot, or being synced into HubSpot from Sell, that record's information will continue to sync regardless of which list it belongs to.

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