What's New in Base - May 11th, 2015

Email Sentiment Analysis

Ever wished Base could warn you whenever a Deal was about to fall through? Our new Email Sentiment Analysis can help! 

Base uses artificial intelligence to parse incoming emails to your Deals. If it sounds like you're about to lose a Deal, Base will fire off a notification to let you know immediately. 

Read more on our blog or check out this support guide!

Exchange Contact Sync

Base now integrates directly with Exchange! This allows you to easily and automatically sync your contacts between Microsoft Exchange and Base. It’s simple to set up and quick to sync, meaning your contacts will always be up-to-date. Read more on our blog.

To set this up, head over to this handy setup guide. For more information on the nitty gritty, check out this handy FAQ.

Updated Stage Duration Analysis report

We've added the ability to drill down into the Stage Duration Analysis report. This enables you to see even more information at a glance, allowing to determine which exact Deals are taking too long to move through your Pipeline. 

Read more on our blog, or check out this handy support guide!

API v2

Interested in building out custom integrations with your existing tools? We've just rolled out the latest and greatest version of our API. You'll find detailed documentation here. Happy building! 

New UI for Settings

Last but not least, we've made a visual tweak to your Settings menu. If you have a profile picture loaded into your account, we'll display that in the upper right hand corner - clicking that will drop down the usual Settings menu. It's the little things that count, and we hope that this makes your Base account feel more personal!