Success Insights Reports

Zendesk Sell is all about letting your business grow. And the best way to get better is to eliminate your bottlenecks and build up your strengths. But how do you identify them? Luckily, you have the Success Insights reports at your disposal. There are two reports in the Success Insights section in reporting that help you analyze any bottlenecks in your Sales Pipeline: the Stage Duration Analysis and the Stage Duration by Owner reports.

The first of the pair shows you how much time Deals spend in a given stage of your pipeline, on average. By itself, that might not be much to write home about. But we crunch that data to show you your chances of closing a deal based on past data for won and lost deals.

In this sample, you can see that we might be better off if we spend less time on some of those deals, since the ones that are in the works the longest don't necessarily pan out, while, on the other hand, the successful deals usually move from stage to stage much quicker.

You can also drill down in the report using the filters, to see the performance of individual team members, or to narrow down the timeframe as much as you need.

The second report that analyzes stage duration is the Stage Duration by Owner report. This report breaks down the average time an individual team member has a Deal in a particular stage. The averages are calculated separately for each stage - the totals on the left hand side are a sum of averages, and not actual averages for each person, or for the entire team.

Note: When you filter the Deals by owner, you will see data for Deals owned by that person – but other people might have moved these deals. This report will show data for everyone who has moved Deals that belong to the selected owner.

If you'd like to view the data that makes up this report, select the Table View icon, located next to the date range filters in the top bar. This will enable you to click into and view the Users and each deal with exact time spent in a particular stage! In addition you will be able to filter your data and export it in nice crafted CSV file. 

This quick look at how a particular person stacks against the entire team – and each colleague individually – makes this a very useful tool in managing your team.

Note: These reports are currently available for Professional and Enterprise customers